DrugDeliverySystem of Weibel CDS AG are ready to use, no longer requiring the patient having to transfer the drug into the system. A unique pump system as well as an automatic needle insertion for s.c. infusions makes the life of patients safer and easier. Thanks to a disposable and a reusable unit the economic footprint is much smaller as drive unit, controller and batteries are re-used and not discarded once the infusion is completed.

Novelty – Cartridge based DrugDeliverySystem

This system is designed to accept standard 3 ml insulin cartridges of all insulin manufacturers. Barely larger than the cartridge itself, the system is extremely small yet still incorporates all functions including a unique pump system, a needle insertion system, a battery, a drive and an electronic control unit. The pump system is extremely powerful guaranteeing to overcome the break loose forces and a smooth gliding of the rubber stopper during injection.

MiniBagSystems based DrugDeliverySystems

Based on our MiniBag concept, a unique pump system and a cannula insertion, the device is available for s.c. and i.v. applications making the life of patients and health care professionals safer and easier.

Sizes range from 1ml and for LVDs of up to 30 or even 50ml versions.

The final design is according to your specific needs from a functional as well as design perspective.