CTI Start-up Label.
Weibel CDS AG was awarded the CTI Start-up Label and the certification “ready for sustainable business development”. The CTI Certification is issued by the Commission for Technology and Innovation of the Swiss Confederation. The certificate is granted by a top-class jury and is considered a major step on the way to a sustainable business.

The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) is the federal agency responsible for encouraging innovation through the provision of funding, consulting and networks.

CTI certified Diplom
Award celebration


STARTFELD Diamant Award.
Weibel CDS AG was the first company to receive a full grant from «Stiftung Startfeld» and the first company receiving the newly created award named STARTFELD Diamant.

The Kantonalbank of St. Gallen granted this award for the first time to the five most innovative Start-up companies. The first place went to Weibel CDS AG. Weibel CDS AG was founded on September 14th, 2010 by Ludwig Weibel with the vision of being the most innovative supplier of user friendly, application oriented primary packaging and devices for the pharmaceutical industry.

Already in May 2011, Weibel CDS AG became STARTFELD-Project and was granted by the jury the INTENSIV support package including financing in the amount of 300’000 Swiss Francs.